Vina Vinyasa Yogena asanadin na karayet” O yogi, do not do asana without vinyasa

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Vamana Rishi


K. Pattabhi Jois

Parampara is knowledge that is passed in succession from teacher to student. It is a Sanskrit word that denotes the principle of transmitting knowledge in its most valuable form; knowledge based on direct and practical experience. It is the basis of any lineage: the teacher and student form the links in the chain of instruction that has been passed down for thousands of years. In order for yoga instruction to be effective, true and complete, it should come from within parampara.

Knowledge can be transferred only after the student has spent many years with an experienced guru, a teacher to whom he has completely surrendered in body, mind, speech and inner being. Only then is he fit to receive knowledge. This transfer from teacher to student is parampara.

The dharma, or duty, of the student is to practice diligently and to strive to understand the teachings of the guru. The perfection of knowledge – and of yoga — lies beyond simply mastering the practice; knowledge grows from the mutual love and respect between student and teacher, a relationship that can only be cultivated over time.

BANDHAWORKS SHALA’S PARAMPARA: R. Sharath Jois – K. Pattabhi Jois – T. Krishnamacharya – Ramamohana Brahmachari…

Ashtanga and Vinyasa Krama yoga systems are taught in our yoga school.  As our experiences has shown these asana series can effectively develop both the body and the mind, and set the practitioners’ feet upon the yogic path.

Bandha Works Yoga School is unique in Hungary for their early morning Mysore program, the original and most efficient way of teaching Ashtanga yoga.

This program embraces the advantages of group and individual classes. In substance, each practitioner in the class practices the well-known and regular series individually in their rhythm of breathing, thus the teacher is able to give personal adjustments and instructions to each individual without disturbing the flow of the class.

For those, who are just getting to know this system, the school runs beginners’ courses on a regular basis and even in the weekly schedule classes suitable for beginners are offered as well. Besides Asana teaching, the school places big emphasis on introducing yoga philosophy and yogic lifestyle. On a monthly basis, Bandha Works Satsangs are held, where anyone is welcome to join and talk about different topics concerning yoga theory. Satsangs are good occasions to putting forward questions and to practitioners getting to know each other better.

We also invite inspiring guest teachers regularly and organize thematic yoga workshops.

Friendly environment, professional and anti-allergen yoga mats welcome all with love.

If you visit our studio for the first time, make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before class, to have enough time for  the registration. Please indicate to the teacher if you have any health issues (injuries, pregnacy etc.).

All you need is:

  • comfortable clothes,
  • a smaller (for the adjustments) and a bigger (to cover the yoga mat) towel or rug.

Please visit our photo gallery: https://bandhaworks.hu/galeria/fotok/

For any other information you can reach us on the following email: info@bandhaworks.hu

Opening hours: the school opens 30 minutes before classes, and the door closes five minutes before classes. Please arrive in time.

Mysore program: registration is not necessary for the Mysore classes, you can arrive any time between 5-8 AM, we close the door at 8 AM. Opening mantra at  5:30am. You have to finish practice with relaxation until 9 AM.



Prices Student
Drop-in 3.000.- Ft


Prices Student
Drop-in 4.000.- Ft
One Month Unlimited 30.000.- Ft
  1. Do not eat anything for at least 3-4 hours before the yoga class.
  2. Arrive at least ten minutes earlier, we close the entrance door five mintues before class.
  3. Turn off your cell phone, and do not take it into the yoga room.
  4. All you need is: comfortable clothes, a smaller (for the adjustments) and a bigger (to cover the yoga mat) towel or rug. If you are sweaty, you might need an other smaller towel. We provide yoga mats, but if you prefer your own, feel free to bring it.
  5. Do not use any perfume or beauty products with strong fragrance.
  6. It is not allowed to drink during the classes, do not bring water into the yoga room. However, stay well-hydrated throughout the day.
  7. Indicate any health issues (injuries, diseases) to the teacher before class.
  8. Do not talk in the yoga room, spend the few minutes before class with getting in tune.
  9. Always follow the instructions given by the teacher during class.
  10. Focus on your breath all the time, never sacrifice the breath for the asana.
  11. Students take part in the classes on their own responsibility, so always listen to the signals of your body and be thoughtful of your fellow practitioners.
  12. Clean the yoga mat after yourself before you put it back.
  13. Before leaving make sure you do not leave any of your belongings in the changing room, we are not able to store them.


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    • Registration for the classes: one hour before class by sending a text message with your name and the chosen class to the following phone number: +36 70 218 6230. Your place is ensured if we do not write back. Registration is not necessary for the Mysore classes.

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